Friday, July 6, 2007

Memphis Film Society Is Official

After months of organizing, re-organizing, and working with the local legal eagles, the Memphis Film Society is now a formal 501(c) non-profit organization. What does this mean? It means that MFS will be able to provide more services to you, the Memphis film community.

That said, September 2007 will be the big rollout month for us. Here's what to expect for September and beyond...

Monthly Mixers. After our 'test' mixer last March, we realized this would be a great opportunity for members of the community to meet and greet with each other in a 'low pressure' environment. It was also great for everyone to meet the powers-that-be behind the Memphis International Film Festival! Starting September, MFS will be hosting regular monthly mixers with our partner Celtic Crossing in Midtown.

Memphis Moving Pictures. As part of our first purchase as a non-profit, we managed to get a theatre quality digital projector and portable screen system. So, September will kick off our newest program: Memphis Moving Pictures. Every month we will be hosting unique screenings of films in unique settings. Imagine watching Jaws while swimming in a lake, or Friday the 13th in the middle of the woods! In addition to these types of fun screenings, we will also be featuring the works of local producers/directors.

Workshops. One great asset MFS had from the get-go was contacts. And what good are contacts if we don't use them? We will be hosting regular workshops focusing on training local crew members and providing them with the tools they will need to get into the local union. We will also be bringing in instructors to work with local actors as well.

Weekly Newsletter. Members of MFS will receive a weekly e-zine that will list local/national film news, cast/crew calls, and film events that will be happening around Memphis. You'll never miss an important casting call again with our help.

Other programs will follow as we get our office up and rolling: A grant program, annual gala, and members only discounts with local film service providers just for a start! Stay tuned in August for our official rollout e-zine.

If you have not yet signed up for the Memphis Film Society (it's free!), send us a quick email to with 'Add me!' in the subject line and you're as good as in!

Rich Newman
Memphis Film Society