Friday, March 28, 2008

MIFF: Day 2

One day down and I'm still stoked! Yesterday was the premier of Delta Rising and I enjoyed it very much. As a pure documentary, I wanted a little more from it, but as an ode to Clarksdale it was right on the money. The afterparty at Ground Zero was great as well. Good music, good booze. Looks like GZ will be pretty much like its Clarksdale counterpart once it gets up and running for the general public.

So today is Day 2 and I'm up and on schedule. I made an effort not to get too wiped out on the first day at the party and it has paid off. After all, I'm still recovering from SXSW in Austin. I'll be hitting Young Ave Deli for a warmup before catching everything on my slate. Since the rest of the festival is pretty much in Midtown, I'll be setting up shop in Otherlands to do work on my lappy, getting my food fix at Soulfish, and grabbing the occasional pint at Celtic Crossing. It's all about the lay of the land...

Posted by: Rich Newman