Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upcoming for MFS

After hosting a successful volunteer meeting for the Memphis Film Society at Celtic Crossing, expect to see several things in the near future:

1.  Monthly Film Mixers.  We've been talking about them for some time--and planning them as well.  Next month they become reality.  Starting in May, MFS will host a FREE monthly mixer for actors, crew and filmmakers in the Memphis area.  Each mixer will feature a speaker that will provide attendees a chance to get some good info about working in Memphis, as well as offer an open-mic session for everyone to solicit help with their current project from the community.  Of course, there will also be ample time for schmoozing with everyone as well...

2.  MFS Fundraiser.  Though this won't happen until late June or early July, we want to start talking about this now!  We plan to host an event that will feature live music, free beer and the opportunity to once again mix it up with others in the film community.  Price to attend will be extremely low, so there will be no excuse to miss this event.  Plus, you'll be directly contributing to the creation of our second major program...

3.  Guerilla Filmmaker Program.  We plan to use the funds we raise during the fundraiser and in the near future to purchase a camera and lights package that will be made available to the Memphis film community for FREE to shoot their movie.  An independent, local panel will select recipients of the gear and the filmmaker will get the camera and lights packages for up to 90 days for FREE.

Though there will be other programs in the near future from MFS, these are the biggies.  Sign up for our mailing list (link is on the right) to receive our postings regarding these functions, and stay tuned to the information being posted on this site, as more and more filmmaker opportunities will appear here.  You'll notice there is a new ad for Celtx on the right; this is a FREE screenwriting program you can download to help you with your script (not to mention doing your breakdowns and planning your shoot).  There are also a couple new links in the 'Resources' area.  Primarily, there are two local Yahoo groups listed that you can join to get information regarding local projects and casting calls--as well as provide you a place to post your own indie casting call.

If you have an idea for the Memphis Film Society, send it our way:  See you at next month's mixer!