Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st Annual Winter Pitch Fest

Have you ever wanted to stand in front of a room full of producers to pitch your film script, treatment, trailer, idea, etc.?  Well, now you will get your chance!  The Memphis Film Society will be hosting the 1st Annual Winter Pitch Fest this November in lieu of our normal mixer/speaker.  The event will be held at Raffe's Deli and Beergarden (date to be announced soon). 

There will be three local judges on hand who will critique your pitch (on paper, for your eyes only) and ask follow-up questions about your pitch.  Here are the guidelines for your pitch:

1.  Pitches are limited to two minutes.  In the industry, this is sometimes called the 'elevator pitch,' meaning you can actually get your entire pitch out to a producer while riding in an elevator!  There will be a timer, so practice getting your pitch in at two minutes.

2.  Pitchers are limited to two pitches.  After you have pitched your first project, you will go back into the queue and get to do your second pitch when your turn comes back around.  Beyond two pitches, no guarantees.  If time permits, there may be the possibility for a third.

3.  Pitchers are allowed three follow-up questions from the judges.  Be prepared to answer additional questions about your plot, characters, etc.

4.  Pitchers are allowed to use props within reason.  By this, I mean you can use 'posters' or dress as a character, etc.  No audio or video is allowed to assist you with your pitch, so no jamboxes, computers, televisions, etc.

5.  You must own your idea, script, etc.  You cannot pitch a 'spin-off' or sequel to a film, television program, comic book, etc. that you do not hold the copyright to.

Once the pitches are over, the event will continue as one of our normal mixers--something you should take advantage of so you can judge the strength of your project ideas, your pitching technique and to (possibly) get your project rolling!  Since we will NOT be holding an October mixer (the Indie Memphis Film Festival will be in full swing during the period we would normally host a mixer) this will be the next Memphis Film Society event.

More details (date, judges, etc.) will be posted soon here and on our Facebook page.