Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indie Memphis Film Festival 13 - Preview

If you haven't purchased your pass yet for this year's installment of the Indie Memphis Film Festival, you better get on the ball!  There's plenty of screenings to watch and events to attend.  As is usually the case with film festivals, there's a lot going on, so we wanted to give you ten reasons to go purchase your tickets to this year's event!

1.  Network opportunities.  What do you do when you're waiting for a movie to start?  You network.  How about when you're having a drink at Studio on the Square between screenings?  You network.  It's one of the main reasons we go to festivals and there's plenty of it at Indie Memphis.

2.  Support local film.  Besides the fact that Indie Memphis is a local institution, there will be lots of work showcased within the program by Memphis filmmakers.  Just check out the screenings of Open Five, The Grace Card and Craig Brewer's The Poor & Hungry.

3.  Learn more about your craft.  While you're networking, you will also be learning what's going on in the Memphis film scene, who is shooting what, etc.  You can also attend a presentation by Kodak to get that definitive comparison of film vs. HD and to learn more about the medium.

4.  Go Hollywood.  Besides the opportunity to attend mixers, you can attend the Awards Ceremony to see who takes home the Indie Memphis version of the Oscars!

5.  Catch some classics.  It's well and good to see some of the hot, new movies coming from the independent film world, but it's always nice to see great, past films as well.  During this year's fest, such screenings include Mystery Train, The Blues Brothers and Ed Wood.

6.  Pitch your own project!  Indie Memphis will be offering a pitch session at the Brooks Museum of Art.  This is your chance to pitch your film idea to a seasoned group of reviewers.

7.  Cutting edge cinema.  See the edgy side of the independent film scene by catching screenings of Steven Soderberg's And Everything is Going Fine, Geoff Marslett's Mars and Aaron Katz's Cold Weather.

8.  Meet your peers.  With two 'Hometowner' programs being presented at the Brooks Museum of Art, the festival is a great way to meet others shooting movies around Memphis.

9.  Expand your documentary horizons.  The festival isn't just about narrative films; documentaries are showcased as well.  Catch screenings of The Last Survivor, American Jihadist and the Documentaries in Action program.

10.  It doesn't cost you a lot!  You can buy individual tickets, but with everything that's going on, consider becoming an Indie Memphis member and/or purchasing a festival pass.  All of this can be done at the Indie Memphis website.

See you all next week!