Thursday, December 30, 2010

Behind the Scenes: At Stake: Vampire Solutions

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the set of the Memphis-shot feature film At Stake:  Vampire Solutions.  Produced by Cellardoor Cinema (, the film is helmed by director Jason Weter, written by local special effects guru Duane P. Craig, and features a local cast and crew (the film stars Joshua Brunson, Anastasia Gale, Michael Goff, Jerry Kimble and Carl Pfeiffer).

AS:VS (as it's known on set) is a film about a group of Southern vampire killers who are more than ready to rid you of your fanged pests.  In addition to shooting the movie, the producers decided to go viral with an early marketing campaign for the film by setting up a mock website for the vampire hunters, including a hotline for the afflicted to call.

Shooting for the film began on November 20th and will continue throughout the months of January and February.  AS:VS was one of the grand prize winners of the 2010 Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest (a contest that's about to get underway again--more details to come at the next MFS mixer) along with the movie Special (currently in post-production) written by Andrew Trent Fleming.  Both films are great examples of the awesome independent film scene that Memphis currently has--and your support is needed to keep these, and other independent movies, going. 

Screenings for both movies should go down this summer, so stay tuned for more information about these local productions by visiting the Cellardoor Cinema website.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Due to scheduling conflicts at both locations that we normally host our monthly mixers, there will not be a December mixer.  This is understandable since the holidays are underway and schedules have become tighter than ever!  But never fear, the Winter Pitch Fest is still on and will happen and mixers will resume in January as we ramp up for the 2011 On Location Memphis International Film Festival.

Until then have a safe and happy holiday season!