Friday, August 19, 2011

Redemption Road - Free Advance Screening

Join the Memphis Film Society with supporting the new film Redemption Road at its advance screening this Tuesday, August 23rd (7:30pm) at the Malco Cordova Cinema (1080 North Germantown Parkway).  The film is directed by Mario Van Peebles and was produced by Freestyle Releasing.  Here is the official synopsis of the movie:

Two seemingly different men (Academy Award Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, Morgan Simpson) embark on a music-steeped journey through the American South, learning along the way that life isn’t about where you end up – it’s how you get there that matters.

What could be better than watching a great, new movie?  How about watching it for free?  Simply visit this link and get two free passes for the movie delivered straight to your email inbox.  You will have to sign up for a Gofobo account--but it's quick, easy, and free.  I hope you will support new and innovative independent features that screen in Memphis by catching this advance screening.  You won't be disappointed!  More information about the movie can be seen at its official website.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Filmmaker Expo Schduled--A Must Attend Event

In lieu of a regular mixer in August (let's face it, it's pretty dang hot to be standing around outside in a beer garden right now), the Memphis Film Society is encouraging everyone to attend the Fuel Film Filmmakers Media Expo.  It will be a great opportunity for local actors and crew to check out production companies who work in the Memphis area--and a great way for directors and producers to round up some headshots and meet crew for their next project.  Here is the official description of the event from Fuel Film:

Cast your actors – Cast your crew. Calling all filmmakers, screenwriters, technical crew, actors, producers, directors, PA’s — this is your event! FuelFilm Memphis presents the Mid-South’s largest Filmmaking and Media Trade Show. Join us in the newly renovated/expanded Sky Grille, easily accessible in MidTown Memphis, and share an afternoon with like-minded professionals. (This event combines June’s rescheduled “Cast Your Crew” and August’s “Break Some Legs”.)

Directors: need a film crew? The Filmmakers Media Expo is the place to fill the positions you seek. Casting Directors: need actors? Private space is provided to meet your actors and cast your projects. Film Support Professionals: We’ve got ongoing discussions and networking opportunities. FuelFilm offers a day of learning and “hands on” presentations for every element of filmmaking — from script to screen. Learn from the pros, appearing live and via Skype.

Bring your headshots, resumes, business cards, comp cards — you know the drill — and prepare to interview (or be interviewed), and to connect with regional industry professionals. Who knows — your next big break might be waiting for you at the FILMMAKERS MEDIA EXPO!

Filmmakers ~ you are welcome to bring DVDs & memorabilia of your work for sale to your adoring fans and supporters! More information to be posted next week.

If you plan to attend the event as a production  company--and would like to set up a table for recruiting, gathering headshots, and/or displaying information/product--be sure to specify that when you register at Eventbrite by choosing the 'Booth Registration' option.  The cost is $10 per person you want to attend, so keep that in mind as well (each person for your production company needs to register separately).  If you are interested in casting for a project, details for submitting breakdowns/sides, etc. will be posted on the Fuel Film website shortly.

For individual actors, crew, etc. simply sign up--and show up for the fun!

Again, in addition to having on-hand beverages and offering you the chance to pass around your resume, the expo will be a great way to walk around and meet others in the film industry.  Basically, just like every mixer we have ever hosted!  Register today for the event at Eventbrite and let us know if you will be setting up a table.  Otherwise, stay tuned for more information on the Fuel Film page for the event.  See you there!