Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Program from MFS: Movie Nite!

The Memphis Film Society is proud to roll out our newest ongoing program: Movie Nite!  So what is Movie Nite!?  We're glad you asked!

Each month we will feature a locally produced feature film in an atmosphere where you, the movie-goer, can watch the movie, socialize with others in the Memphis film scene, and enjoy food and drinks with your entertainment!  And since the movies will always be locally produced films, you will also get the chance to enjoy a Q&A with local filmmakers to ask about the production, get advice for your own film project, and even (at times) purchase the actual movie.  All of this is done in a casual environment that supports watching the film, as well as provides an area for those who are more interested in socializing with others in the film scene--and, best of all, the event is completely FREE!

For filmmakers with a finished project, Movie Nite! means even more.  It means having a venue to screen your finished movie for a local audience (not to mention your cast and crew), as well as an opportunity to use the occasion as a 'test screening' to gather useful information about your film prior to the final edit.  Doing this will prevent jeopardizing the precious 'premier status' of the movie, as well as give you the opportunity to tweak some changes in the edit prior to sending your movie out to film festivals.  Anyone interested in featuring their film for a screening can contact us at

Our first ever Movie Nite! is happening this month and will feature the locally produced movie At Stake: Vampire Solutions.  Producer/director Jim Weter will be on hand for the screening, along with other key production personnel, and he will also be talking about the upcoming sequel to the movie (which will be casting very soon), as well as the ongoing Cellardoor Cinema screenplay competition that will be kicking off in the near future.  This event is sponsored by Sky Grille, a new locally owned venue that offers two floors of fun, great music, and even better food and drink.  You can RSVP for this free event and get more information on our Facebook page for this event.

So come on out to support this Memphis-made movie (who doesn't like vampire flicks?), to gain valuable insights into shooting a movie in Memphis, as well as to enjoy wonderful food and drinks at the awesome Sky Grille.  See you all there!