Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Mixer

With the new year comes a new direction for the Memphis Film Society.  Last night kicked off the first of this year's quarterly mixers--and with the new "quarterly mixer" program (vs. monthly or bi-monthly in years past) comes a new way to party and mix it up with the Memphis film scene.

In addition to featuring a speaker, we will also focus on a film of particular artistic merit that will be playing soon in Memphis.  This time around that film was Zero Dark Thirty, the new blockbuster from director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker).  Lucky Memphians are being treated to an advance screening of the movie Wednesday, January 9th (7:30pm) at the Malco Paradiso theater and MFS had free passes to the screening to give away and lots of free swag for those attending the mixer (including official ZDT t-shirts, cinema posters, and mini-posters).

Of course, we also had a great speaker on hand, Bard Cole (associate producer of the WKNO television program Professor Ghoul's Horror School), who brought along his co-producer Mike Degnan as a bonus!

There will be three more official mixers this year--and, hopefully, even more opportunities to promote films that are coming to Memphis (and to help spread the word about their screenings).  That said, there are still tickets available for the advance screening of Zero Dark Thirty to purchase at Malco Paradiso--and the movie will be in Memphis for it's wide-release debut this Friday, January 11.  So hit the theater and support this wonderful film.  You can also get more info about the movie by visiting the film's official website.
A big thank you to Fuel Film for supporting last night's mixer, as well as Sony Pictures and Allied Integrated Marketing for bringing Zero Dark Thirty early to Memphis (and for all the free goodies to give to the Memphis film community).  We also want to thank the Hi-Tone for hosting the mixer, Bard and Mike for speaking, and every person who came out and supported the event.

See you all at the next mixer!