Thursday, October 9, 2014

Screenwriter SIG Springs Into Action!

At long last, we are ready to roll out our special Screenwriter's SIG (special interest group) for the general public!  The group--Screen-SIG for short--will be a local resource for writers and filmmakers to workshop the scripts for short films, tweak those pesky scenes that plague your screenplay, and even just offer the opportunity to hone your craft.

Screen-SIG will meet bi-weekly (first meeting to be announced in the next few days) on Sundays at 3pm and run till approximately 5-6pm.  At each meeting, EVERY attendee can bring ten pages of a script--be it a scene from a full length screenplay, an entire short script, or simply a work-in-progress that you want feedback for.  And we will read those scenes, give feedback, and offer constructive suggestions.

In addition to the writers/filmmakers who are present with their scripts, Screen-SIG meetings will also include local luminaries--producers, writers, directors--who will be present to offer some insight about your work, as well as offers suggestions for improving it, etc. 

So, rather than doing a screenwriter meetup that involves reading ONE full-length script from a screenwriter who will probably disappear from the meetings once his/her script has been read, Screen-SIG will give everyone a chance to read from their work at EVERY meeting.  And you will want to come to every meeting--even if you aren't bringing any pages that week--and here's why...

Screen-SIG will also offer incentives to the members who attend and contribute to the meetings.  After attending five meetings of Screen-SIG, members will get access to a unique online forum for screenwriters to share their work, get input, and even collaborate on projects at any time.  It's a great way for those who are serious about the craft of screenwriting to constantly give/receive feedback--even when Screen-SIG isn't meeting!

In addition to this, regular attendees of Screen-SIG will also get meetup/luncheon opportunities.  We will be offering intimate (5 attendees max) opportunities for folks to sit down and have lunch with people who are actually making movies and who are always actively looking for great scripts/ideas.  Lunch may also be with a successful screenwriter who has sold work and can offer great advice for those aspiring to make screenwriting their career.

So, to sum up:  Meetings with EVERYONE reading their scripts, film luminaries at the meetings to provide input, unique online forum for regular members, and networking opportunities in a casual but intimate lunch setting.  What could be better?

Stay tuned for the first Screen-SIG meeting date TBA via the Memphis Film Society Facebook page very soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

MFS Presents a 2-Day Acting Workshop With Jeremy London

The Memphis Film Society presents a two day acting class with famed actor Jeremy London.  The class takes place June 28/29 and includes a seminar, as well as a practical workshop where students will participate in scenes with London.  All students are guaranteed to perform scenes with Jeremy--as well as to receive feedback/critique of their performance.

Here is London's bio from IMDb:

Jeremy London and his twin brother Jason London were born in San Diego, California, but were raised in small towns in both Texas and Oklahoma. Jeremy began acting on stage at the age of seventeen, where he impressively portrayed the leading role in The Music Man and fell in love with performing. Jeremy was the first of the two to start auditioning and forced Jason to attend an audition with him and it was Jason who ended up nabbing a role. A leading role The Man in the Moon (1991) starring Reese Witherspoon in her feature film debut. Jeremy went on to success of his own soon after starring along Sam Waterston in the dramatic series I'll Fly Away (1991), which was a critically acclaimed series garnering an Emmy award for Best Drama. Jeremy went to fame as not only a serious actor with an undeniably bright future starring in other projects such as the cult comedy Mallrats (1995) directed by Kevin Smith and even had a role in the popular nineties series Party of Five (1994) as the handsome Griffin Holbrook alongside Neve Campbell. Jeremy has proved a serious actor with the ability to take risks in such films as Gods and Generals (2003) effortlessly stepping into the role of Civil War Captain Sandy Pendleton, where he held his own alongside heavyweights such as Robert Duvall. Jeremy hard hasn't gone unnoticed he has received three People's Choice Awards, and three Telly awards for his directing debut of the Documentary Secrets Through the Smoke (2001) Jeremy's genuine personality has earned him a long career in Hollywood. Starting as teen heartthrob, Jeremy has made the impressive transition into a respected career not only as an actor with a slew of roles under his belt and many more ahead but has also successfully segued into directing, writing, and producing his own films. His feature film directorial debut of the brilliant thriller The Devil's Dozen (2013) proved he is a skilled director and will be directing many more films in the future. Jeremy is also a proud father of his son Lyrik and engaged to Actress Juliet Reeves, with whom is expecting a child with in June 2014.

Because of the individual attention each attendee will receive, seating for the workshop is capped at 30 attendees.  Price for the workshop is $180.00, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the local production of the film, "Blackburn."  Your seat at this event can be reserved here.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Great Year for 2014!

With the first of our quarterly mixers fast approaching, we thought it would be great to let you know what's happening with the Memphis Film Society!

--Return of the 48 Hour Film Project.  It will be our third year rolling out this weekend of filmmaking fun and it should prove to be the most exciting yet.  With teams coming from Oxford, Tupelo, and even Nashville, there will be more fun and filmmaking to be had in this year's event.  Be sure to follow the Memphis 48 Hour Film Project on our official Facebook page and keep an eye out for registration at our official website.

--More free screenings.  Last year we hosted five free screenings of fantastic movies for the Memphis film community--including Zero Dark Thirty, Captain Phillips, and Rush.  We have partnered with several PR firms to insure that even more freebies will be screened in 2014.

--Mixers!  Yes, the quarterly mixers are returning.  One for each season.  The first is coming up in just a couple weeks (stay tuned to the MFS Facebook page for the event posting) and is sponsored by Jungle Software.  In addition to mixing it up with Memphis film folks and actors, we will be giving away a few copies of Jungle Software's killer film production software, Chimpanzee.  Who knows?  There may be a few additional surprises and giveaways, too...

It all adds up to a great year ahead.  Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to get direct invites to the events (in the sidebar) and let us know if there's something else that we need to be doing for the Memphis independent film scene.