Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our First Mixer of the Year and the 2016 Memphis 48HFP

It's time to start gearing up for another round of the Memphis 48 Hour Film Project!  As with last year, we will be holding the weekend competition early in August (specific dates to be announced shortly)--and that means registration for teams will open up most likely in May.  To assist you with forming your team we will be hosting our first mixer of the year next month (April) at the awesome Slider Inn.  Look for the event to pop up on the Memphis Film Society's Facebook page, so be sure to give us a visit there and throw a 'like' our way to keep up with what's happening.

The Memphis 48 Hour Film Project is a great way to dip your toes in the local filmmaking scene and to create a short film that will not only screen during the competition at the awesome Malco Studio on the Square, but be available for you to screen at any local, national, or international film festival! Shooting a film in 48 hours can be a bit hectic, but it can also be fun!  We have a short get-together to draw film genres at the beginning of the weekend, we have a nice wrapup at the end of the competition, we get to watch all the films on the big screen at Malco, and (if that's not enough) we then have an awards ceremony and party to hand out various awards and announce the winner.

If you visit the official Memphis 48 Hour Film Project website you can watch the winning films from the previous four years of the program as well as learn more about registration and building your team.  To that end, though, here are a few tips for making your entry into the 48HFP a success:

1.  Build a core team and make it a partnership.  Don't be 'in charge' and don't try to do everything.  This makes the weekend too stressful and overloads you.  Instead, choose your team members (director, camera operator, screenwriter, actors, etc) and work together during the competition.

2.  Sign up your team AS A TEAM.  On the surface, the registration for the 48HFP can seem a bit steep.  But this is a team price.  When you divide the cost among the team members for shooting your film it will most likely be less than $20 a person.  This also invests all your members to show up and do their best during the weekend.

3.  Attend the MFS mixers.  There are certainly a lot of social/awesome film events happening in Memphis (Indie Memphis alone hosts quite a few), but the film society mixers are built with the indie community in mind.  Here is where you will meet actors trying to get involved with films, crew members looking for a gig, and peers that will commiserate with you over a coffee/beer to discuss projects.  Don't miss out on any of that.

4.  Use your Memphis knowledge.  While you are not allowed to 'write' your film for 48HFP in advance (and how could you since you haven't drawn your film genre yet), you can certainly take an assessment of the things you have to your advantage for the weekend.  Who are your friends with camera and audio gear? Who has lights?  Maybe you know a few locations that would allow you to film inside.  All of these things are one less worry when the weekend goes down.

5.  Stay positive.  As mentioned before, it can be stressful to write, shoot, and edit a movie in 48 hours.  Don't be the complainer on the set.  Don't be the one who doesn't show up at the locations. Always have a smile for your team mates and be the person who stays motivated.  You can always catch up on sleep; enjoy the weekend and it will all pay off when you go to the film screening and the award ceremony.  And even if you don't win, remember that Memphis is a small film scene.  Word will get around that you are a pleasure to work with.

I hope these tips will assist everyone with their 48HFP experience--and I hope to meet everyone at the next mixer.